Europe: Product contamination prevention by thermal treatment

14th June 2021

Dinnissen Process Technology, the Netherlands, emphasises that preventing contamination (e.g. Salmonella) is of utmost importance when processing feed, pet food and food. In an article appearing in the March/April EuroBulkSystems which will be published in late April, the company shares its insights on thermal processing as the most effective way to sterilise product while maintaining product homogeneity. Today, according to Dinnissen, most producers prefer this thermal treatment by steam injection over liquid treatments with acids and chemicals. The main reason for this is that chemical treatments leave traces of chemicals (e.g. chlorine with its specific smell) in the product. Additionally, these liquids can change the structure of the product and lead to segregation of the product.

Sterilising with steam is a natural method and is widely considered the best solution to prevent contamination. A few years ago, Dinnissen first introduced its Thermidor-system: a multi-stage thermal treatment for the sterilisation of feed, food and pet food. The Thermidor-system is claimed to reduce presence of microbes by 99.999%. Perhaps more importantly: no segregation occurs. With conventional methods, the product needs to be mixed again to achieve 100% homogeneity. The Thermidor-system ensures that product composition remains perfectly homogeneous after cooling, heating and drying. This way producers can guarantee their customers that their product is safe and of the highest quality. Dinnissen Asia is based in Jakarta, Indonesia

The article discusses:

· How to prevent product contamination.
· How thermal treatment works, how it prevents segregation and how producers can improve product quality in the mixing process.
· How cooling processes can even improve the structure of the feed, which results in a smooth product flow.
· How Dinnissen integrates its Thermidor thermal treatment system into its multifunctional processing mixing solutions.
· How a vertical set-up of processing equipment results in optimal efficiency.


Dinnissen’s Pegasus Thermidor process