EUROPE: Advanced plastic sack is more sustainable than paper equivalents

25th March 2019

RKW, Germany, has listed five key benefits that the RKW ProVent® ECORE 5 self-venting plastic sack offers over paper sacks in terms of sustainability: it is fully recyclable, means less packaging, it offers reliable product protection, maximum moisture barrier – and enables a clean filling process. Made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, this stable packaging solution for powdery, moisture-sensitive goods has been compliant with the 2020 EU standards for more than 10 years. In the fiscal year 2018, RKW generated total sales of €878 million. About 3000 employees process 367,000t of plastic materials at 20 locations around the world, including – within Asia – China, Vietnam and Egypt, which serves countries of the Middle East.

While paper is regarded as a ‘natural’ material in the eyes of the public, plastics increasingly suffer from the image that they are unsustainable. However, in reality, plastic packaging is often a more effective and sustainable alternative to conventional paper packaging – especially in terms of recycling, material savings, product protection, moisture barriers, and the entire process chain.

With a moisture barrier up to 40 times greater than paper sacks, the contents of RKW’s new plastic sack are reliably protected – not only against moisture, but also against air, dust and dirt.


The 100% recyclable RKW ProVent® ECORE 5 plastic sacks: a remarkably sustainable alternative to paper sacks