CHINA: 10,000 Starlinger circular looms manufactured

25th March 2019

Starlinger, Austria, reports that its Chinese subsidiary has been producing circular looms for manufacture of plastic fabrics since 2006. Last autumn it reached a milestone with the completion of its 10,000th circular loom. Starlinger Plastics Machinery Taicang currently has a workforce of around 75 employees at its 9400 square-metre plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu near Shanghai. The factory’s steadily expanding annual production at present stands at about 1000 machines.

As the world’s only supplier of the entire technology for production of woven sacks, bulk bags or technical textiles from plastic tapes, Starlinger offers a whole range of complementary machinery. Apart from circular looms, the portfolio includes tape extrusion lines, winding machines, lines for coating, printing and conversion as well as recycling machines for processing production scrap and post-consumer waste.


Starlinger RX circular looms producing plastic fabrics at a customer’s factory