INDONESIA: Twin-shaft batch mixers used for concrete pipe production

18th February 2019

BHS-Sonthofen, Germany, has in a repeat order supplied two twin-shaft batch mixers to PT Calvary Abadi, a player in Indonesia’s precast concrete industry. This clearly demonstrates that twin-shaft batch mixers are suitable for use with precast concrete, contrary to popular opinion.

As an exclusive Indonesian cooperation and sales partner, PT Detede is authorised to promote and sell BHS-Sonthofen products. The company produces complete concrete and asphalt mixing systems; BHS supplies the high-quality mixers required for concrete manufacturing. In March 2017 PT Calvary Abadi, the market leader for precast concrete in East Java/Surabaya, explicitly requested a BHS-Sonthofen twin-shaft batch mixer from Detede – a rather unconventional choice for precast concrete.

Pan and planetary mixers have been dominating the precast parts industry for 30 years. This is mainly because it is widely believed throughout the industry that twin-shaft batch mixers would only be suitable for use in precast concrete under certain conditions. Industry players have assumed that the drive technology in these types of mixers would not be powerful enough for precast concrete applications, which place high demands on mixing technology. Precast parts require concrete with a lower water content than ready-mixed concrete, for instance. This relative dryness makes the concrete very tough, and poses a challenge to mixing mechanisms and drives.


Convinced of the twin-shaft batch mixer’s high performance: Calvary Abadi’s managing director Soerya Widjaja and manager Romwell Sahata