Automated PVC additives plant has annual capacity of 36,000 tonnes

29th October 2018

CZL Powder Technology Co., Ltd, a Chinese large-scale plant engineering firm specialising in powder processing installations - including storage, metering, mixing, blending, conveying and packaging – recently completed from design to commissioning an advanced production plant with an annual output of 36,000t of PVC additives for Hebei JingXin Chemical Group, the largest PVC additive manufacturer in China.

The whole factory is divided into raw material storage and feeding area, production area and finished product storage. The production area is fully automated and unmanned, and the airborne dust content is less than 20mg per cubic metre.

The production line includes: raw material dustfree feeding, pneumatic conveying distribution to14 raw material storage warehouses, weighing, mixing, automatic packaging and palletising, as well as single point and centralised dust removal system.

The entire production area is fully automated, which greatly improves operating efficiency and saves costs.


Part of the fully automated PVC additives production plant installed by CZL for Hebei JingXin Chemical Group