Quick and thorough cleaning of feeders

8th September 2017

EUROPE: Gericke, the Switzerland-headquartered worldwide supplier of precision powder handling and processing equipment has developed EasyClean versions of its popular and well proven dosing equipment from the GAC and GDU series. ‘EasyClean’ is usually taken to mean that the feeder body is accessible in an optimum manner from two sides for cleaning.

Along with the removable front plate with the dosing tube, which is standard on both series, the rear side of the dosing trough can be opened on the EasyClean version too. For this, the rear wall can be slid on pull-out rails rearwards along with the motor console. With quick-release fasteners and smooth-running bearings, handling is simple. With minimum force it is possible to move the unit to the ‘open’ position. It locks into place here so that safe working is possible during cleaning and maintenance. After cleaning and inspection, the EasyClean devices can be just as easily closed up again and returned to production. Lengthy and complicated dismantling and re-assembly for cleaning have become an outmoded practice.
The GAC and GDU series come in various sizes for dosing performance from 2 litres/h up to 77,000 l/h. As part of the EasyClean option, access for cleaning and maintenance is extremely simple and safe. If higher accuracies are needed than can typically be achieved with volumetric feeding, this is also not a problem. Machines fitted with the EasyClean option are also available in gravimetric versions such as the type DIW hybrid scales.

Gericke has its Asia headquarters in Singapore (a 100% owned subsidiary), with employees in Thailand, Indonesia and China; it also has a presence in Malaysia and Vietnam as well as an agent in the Philippines.www.gericke.net

Figs 203A +203B:

EasyClean version of Gericke’s GAC series dosing unit installed in a hybrid scale device shown closed and (below) in the opened position